Are your negative thoughts about the way you look or your unrealistic expectations for yourself keeping you from being happy?


"7 Tools to End the Drastic Dieting and Love Your Body!"

My name is Ali Washington.

I am a Registered Nutritional Councillor, Trained Life Coach, Certified Yoga Instructor and Writer.

I am also a survivor of Anorexia.

Through my personal journey from sickness to health, the most important thing I have learned is how difficult it can be to love yourself and your body. I have seen over and over again through my work with clients, friends and family that for people to grow up having respect for themselves is not commonplace.

You don't have to be suffering from an Eating Disorder to understand the painful thoughts that many others experience everyday in the struggle to find what will make them happy. These thoughts can consume your life and have a serious impact on the way you act and your life choices.

I am lucky enough to say that I have fully recovered from my disorder, but this is not the case with most on the path of self-doubt. I believe the tools I used to heal myself will be invaluable to those that need it most. I have found freedom from my struggles with food and body image issues using these tools and I want to share them with you so that you can find your freedom.

My story and how it can help you...


My path from wellness to illness to wellness again started off innocently enough. I was a highly sensitive child, and I carried this sensitivity with me into my teen years.  As we all know, kids can be mean and for me, being picked on was nothing short of traumatizing.

All I wanted was to fit in and be accepted, and I could never figure out what it was the made the popular kids popular and me not so much.  I began turning to food for comfort because I did not have the skills or the tools to navigate the mental and emotional strain I had been under.

Like so many others, food was a place of refuge, comfort and safety for me


Food started to become my best friend and at the same time my worst enemy. As my body started to flourish into adulthood, it also started to put on weight in a way that petrified me. It was during this time that I created some “Foundational Beliefs” that my body was out of control that I better whip into shape. Quickly.

I began to feel that if I were only thin enough, people would be nice to me.  They would respect me and want to be around me.

I truly believed that to be loved I needed to be thin

I blamed all of my life problems on how I looked, and I began reflecting the feelings of anger, sadness, hurt and other emotions I did not know how to handle onto my body.

I channelled all of it into fuel for the dieting fire.

I continued to diet, monitor my weight and exercise excessively all through Junior High and High school. After I graduated, I flew to NZ where the final nail was struck into my proverbial eating disorder coffin. I returned home from my 3 month journey 10 pounds lighter and fully committed to becoming the thinnest version of myself that I could be.

For the next year and a half I spiralled into the full blown depths of anorexia. I created OCD-like schedules and regiments, started balding and did serious long-term damage to my organs and the rest of my body.

My life was being controlled by calories burned and consumed

The world in my head was a living hell and the only solace I could find was in losing more weight. Eventually, my mother decided to take a stand and took me to an emergency room. This was to be the beginning of the long journey back to mental, emotional and physical health.

I was treated in all the typical ways. I was monitored physically, sent to counselling, I even got a family doctor for the first time since childhood. My body readily and rapidly regained the weight, something that horrified me and pleased everyone else.

I realized I may no longer have an anorexic body, but I still had an anorexic mind

All of the fear, sadness, hurt and pain I had run from using my disordered eating was still there.  I looked at my body and saw a horrible, fat, lazy person staring back at me.

I associated “healthy” with a kind way of saying fat. I have been varying degrees of a healthy weight pre and post anorexia.  But in my mind I was huge.  My physical reality and the reality in my mind, the reality I was perceiving were two very different things.

Then it dawned on me...


So much of my pain, so much of my self hatred was rooted in painful beliefs. I started looking around me. I noticed people in my life who were not thin who had tonnes of friends and seemed to genuinely enjoy their lives.  I noticed that when I had been my thinnest, I had the LEAST amount of friends and was the most miserable I had ever been.

All of the things I was hoping being thin would get me did not come.  It was here that I realized that my perception of reality and actual reality were not lining up.


Something had to change, and it was not my body

I realized in my journey that I had been scapegoating all of my pain onto my body.

During my recovery I had been taking this body blame to an extreme through my eating disorder, but I also learned through my work with others in nutrition and life coaching that I was not alone.

I knew countless people who talked about how they would “be happy once they lost that last ten pounds.”

I have learned that a broken relationship with the body is an almost universal problem

I realized all the tools that I used to heal myself were working to help those clients and friends I was working with in my practice.

I believe that everyone deserves to feel at home and at ease in their body.  I believe that you deserve to feel that your body is your friend, and that it is working for you, not against you. I wan to give you the tools to make fully loving and accepting your body a reality.

That is why I have written this book...

Before I discovered the tools outlined in The Perception Diet...

  • I would obsess about how I looked and check mirrors constantly, afraid of how people saw me
  • My daily ritual of picking out clothes to wear would be decided based on what hid my body best
  • I would avoid social situations out of embarrassment for who I was
  • I had emotional pain I hadn't dealt with and it was coming out through hatred of myself
  • I felt like a failure because I did not live up to my unrealistic expectations
  • I felt so uncomfortable in my own skin that it was negatively effecting all aspects of my life

But I am happy to say that I am fully recovered and TRULY living the life I always dreamt of!

What The Perception Diet will give you...

  • A workbook for how to stop being afraid of what what you eat

  • Reusable tools to take back your control from unending dieting

  • Instructions for a life free from the fear of how you look

  • A healthier relationship with what you put in your body

  • A way off the body weight rollercoaster

  • A lasting feeling of empowerment and confidence

  • A stronger connection and love for yourself and your body

  • Positive encouragement so you can follow your passion

  • A way to control your negative thoughts

What's included:

  • The story of my journey from anorexia to health
  • How to use this book and who it's for
  • Tool 1: Body connection
  • How your environment influences your beliefs
  • Tool 2: Foundational Beliefs
  • Tool 3: Discover what you really want
  • How food effects your emotions
  • Tool 4: Stop the negativity
  • A look at addiction
  • Tool 5: Changing thought patterns
  • Making friends with your body
  • How stress affects you
  • Tool 6: Taking action
  • Tool 7: Bringing it all together
  • Printable exercises

Yes! I want to take back control!


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Praise for The Perception Diet

"The Perception Diet is a book that can change your life forever. It has the nuts and bolts of a book that you will keep on your shelf and reference for many years. In this ground breaking work, Ali provides a healing path for anyone dealing with negative relationships with their bodies.

I met Ali as she spiralled out of the dark days of her eating disorder. My initial gut response when meeting Ali was her wisdom beyond her years on the planet. She truly sits in a place of deep knowing, love and understanding. Ali is a rare person who not only healed herself but now stands in a place committed to helping others.

In the Perception Diet, Ali successfully provides detailed, specific and effective exercises that anyone can do. Her use of words and precise information will completely capture you and help you during your journey.

What I enjoyed about Ali’s book was her honesty and integrity. She will tell you which techniques were more helpful than others. She is in her truth when she guides you step by step on this path.

Even if you don’t meet Ali, you will feel her presence, love and dedication as you read. I believe energy travels and that energy can heal. When I read Ali’s words, I can feel her passion and vision to help a world suffering. She truly wants you to find your peace and bliss – and this book is her avenue. You will feel her presence as you read this book, and it in itself will help you to unwind your current state."

- Dr Divi Chandna, MD |



"In The Perception Diet, Ali open heartily shares her intimate journey of overcoming an eating disorder. She transparently discloses the physical and emotional ailments from her unhealthy connection with her community, her body and food.

The exercises included will help you discover your lifelong unconscious belief systems which are influencing your internal psychological state and your physical body. The method of looking at the foundational beliefs or meaning you choose to give something, will help you live a more pleasurable life. Through looking back at where you have been and where you are currently, will definitely help you get to where you want to be.

Having said that, I have watched Ali rise up to the top of her profession with grace and ease. Her extensive personal experience coupled with her dedication to personal growth and  nutritional training has made her an expert in the field of body-mind empowerment. Ali offers  tremendous resources to her clients and readers.

This book will definitely be a tool that you can use over and over again. It will help guide you along your journey of connecting to your knowingness and reinforce your new thoughts and behaviours. You will want this to be your daily handbook."

- Calli Meister, Transformational Speaker & Coach, #1 Best Selling Author Self-Help |

$15 Introductory Price $11

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